A Mad Girl’s Love Song


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Experience Description:

Confessional poetry, described as an effort to distance oneself from the horrifying social realities of human lives, revealing inner unhappiness, and living more true lives. All of us could use a little more of that, isn't it? Well, that's exactly what this experience is about.

And what better way to do this than by remembering one of the greatest confessional poets of our times, Sylvia Plath. Join us as we go down the memory lane of some of her best neurotic poetry - exploring the madness and creativity of this human life.

What To Expect:

  • A safe space to connect with other literary enthusiasts
  • A warm community of like-minded peers

About The Creators & Host:

Drishti is a reader, teacher, and writer. She enjoys reading women and talking about them even more. She completed her Masters from Ambedkar University, Delhi and is currently teaching English at St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore

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