Acrylic Pour Workshop

Art Beat, HSR Layout

Experience Hosted By: ArtBeat

2 hours Hosted in English/Hindi Group of 15
Beginner-friendly Fun for friends groups pour art Therapeutic

At Artbeat we love to experiment with different forms of art and while some of our experiments are not as fluid as others, one thing is certain: our paint pours beautifully! Join us for this workshop to channel your inner Banksy and create cool patterns and designs on canvases.

What's included?

    All materials will be provided by Art Beat

    1. Streched Canvas 8×8 inches

    2. Premium fluid acrylic colours

    3. Waste cloth or tissue paper

    4. 2 & 8 Synthetic round brush

    5. 4 paper cups

    6. Apron

How It Works

Learn the secrets of mastering this art

– Introduction to colour theory and mixing techniques

– Tips for keeping all the colours vibrant in spite of dilution

– Moving the canvas appropriately around to create patterns

– Understanding how different colours will look when they interact with one another on the canvas.


About your creator

Artbeat – an art school for enthusiasts of any age, encouraging and guiding us to bring out our artistic sides. Founder, Namratha, believes that art isn’t a luxury, but a way of life. She teaches a number of styles through various mediums and themes to art lovers across the country. Each workshop in this space is taught by an expert artist, with one strong mission – to have fun while doing anything!


Event has passed

Saturday 03 Sep 11:30AM

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