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Coffee Brewing Upskilling WFH essentials

Experience Description:

Have You Wondered How To Brew A Great Cuppa? Or Are You Just Curious About Coffee Brewing? Here's Your Chance To Find Out How! We Know You're A Coffee Fanatic And That's Why We've Come Up With Something For You. Enroll in our 'All About Coffee Brewing' workshop with a trained Barista and learn about the different ways of brewing coffee; from the traditional stovetop to the popular pour-over method and Chemex three-filter brewing system. There are also tips on how to grind your beans for the best results, how to control water temperature, how to pair coffee with food, etc.

What To Expect:

  • All equipment
  • Coffee beans
  • Apron
  • 1 souvenir to take home with you

About The Creators & Host:

Kurian and his wife Nisha are first-time specialty coffee producers from Ānai Kādu (aa-nye-kaa-du).

Kurian is a 4th generation planter who has now embraced planting as his full time profession, after spending years in the corporate and entrepreneurial space. Nisha works with Kurian specifically on the post-harvest processing of specialty coffee and is also learning more about the day-to-day activities in planting.

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