Up Close With Derek & The Cats


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Experience Description:

A music experience so intimate, you can hear your own breath! A 6 piece band, fooling around with each other, making the best music your ears have heard in a long while. As the flute, sax, pianos, and guitars pour into the ocean of sounds, join us for a journey of blissful music, conversations, laughter, and the perfect ambience to make memories of a lifetime.

What To Expect:

  • A unique, first of a kind, jazz experience with the band, Derek and The Cats
  • An exclusive insight into the inspiration of their music, with some personal stories.
  • Meet fellow jazz enthusiasts and widen your community.

About The Creators & Host:

Derek and The Cats is a collective brought together by Derek Mathias, a musician who’s lived in Bangalore all his life. From working on the corporate side as a financial professional, he has made a conscious decision to pursue music as a lifestyle. 3 years later, Derek and The Cats have been able to become an act that represent Bangalore across the independent music scene across the country.Featuring various other artists, they are proud to be making 10 minute music in a world where reels decide the trends. Experimentation and constantly breaking unspoken rules is what their mantra is!

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