Art Therapy w. Alcohol Inks

Artzo, Church Street

Experience Hosted By: Gitana Hive

2 hours Hosted in English Group of 5
Alcohol Ink Art Flow Art Therapeutic

Indulge in this therapeutic session of creating satisfying art using Alcohol Inks with Team Gitana Hive.

What's included?

    • All raw materials
    • Sufficient space to work on your art masterpiece
    • Take home your art

How It Works

This 120-minute workshop will be divided into 2 sessions:


Session 1. Theory – Theory session that includes the basics of alcohol ink and its scope.

• Color Mixing

• Composition

• Reworking with inks

Session 2. Practical Techniques

  1. Wisps – the name comes from ‘small amount of smoke’, the blending here is similar to that of smoke.
  2. Fades – learning how to minimize the shades to create fades.
  3. Ripples  Ripples are little waves on the surface of the water caused by the wind or by something moving in or on the water.
  4. Backgrounds – Wash / Air pump Note: These terms are used for reference purposes only, Alcohol Ink is a form of abstract artwork and there are no boundaries. The artist has complete freedom to get creative with their styles and mixing of different techniques.
  5. Surface used – Yupo Paper, Synthetic Paper and Swatch Cards.

About your creator

Co-founded by two best friends Nandita & Shambhavi, Gitana Hive is an artistic abode to wipe away frowns with smiles. This young and dynamic team focuses on celebrating the inner child in you by creating artistic walls and undertaking home styling projects. Specialized in everything handmade, their products are made with love and utmost care to be able to deliver ample gratification. With their love for creativity, they are self-taught artists with a rich experience in alcohol inks, acrylic pour, gouache, and more. They would be glad to share our knowledge with those interested.


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Saturday 18 Jun 3:00PM

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