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Experience Hosted By: Kalpana and Manoj

30 mins Hosted in English Group of 15
Bachata Latin Dance

Bachata is the dance of social gatherings. It’s free-spirited and easy to dance to, but it’s a lot more than that. Bachata has the intensity, technique, and attitude of Salsa but with a beautiful romantic vibe that is all its own. So come learn Bachata with us! We love teaching you new moves and improving your dance skills.

What's included?

    • Learn the basic timing and posture of Bachata
    • Know the timing and footwork of ballroom
    • Enjoy the Latin dance forms

How It Works

We suggest comfortable clothing that you can move easily in. For example, track pants and a T-shirt. Footwear- If this is your first salsa class, you could bring a pair of socks to dance in. There are however specialized dance shoes designed for salsa dancing and we recommend investing in a pair if you intend to do more than a few salsa classes and go out social dancing.

About your creator

Kalpana is a certified salsa instructor. Her classes are filled with laughter and fun and her excellent sense of humor has students coming back for more. She is detailed and patient and constantly encourages her students to try harder and will settle for nothing less than their best. She is a strong stage performer as well and has been a part of several Latin performances and competitions.

Manoj started his career as a hip-hop dancer but with his voracious appetite for all things dance-related, he extensively trained in Salsa and other Latin dance forms, contemporary dance, and dabbled in jazz and ballet. He is a passionate instructor and is well-loved by his numerous students.


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Thursday 07 Jul 4:00PM


When one says that they “have two left feet”, they usually refer to a general awkwardness that they feel while dancing. To this, we say, dancing is a skill. Skills can be learnt. Your perceived awkwardness on the dance floor can be combated by going to a class, where, under the guidance of expert teachers, you can learn to master the dance form. Additionally, Bachata is a social dance. The nature of social dance is that anyone, and we mean absolutely anyone, can enjoy it!
No. Bringing a partner to class is not compulsory. Many people come to Bachata classes by themselves, so it’s okay to come alone. Typically we switch partners every few minutes in class so that everyone gets to dance with everyone else.
No. Age, in and of itself, is not a barrier.
In an open class format, one has a bit more flexibility and can join a batch pretty much anytime. However, consistency is recommended and we suggest that you attend classes regularly till you complete the syllabus set for your level.
The average bachata dancer spends per week- 4 hours sweating it out in a dance studio to upgrade their skills, and another 3 to 4 hours at a bachata club, dancing all night. That’s your cardio already taken care of, not to mention a host of other benefits like reduced stress, increased endorphins, diminished depression and dementia and better balance amongst others. Physical activities like dancing help you switch off from the world while keeping you engaged in the movement of your body. While dancing, you are focussed on the moment, leaving your cares to melt away. You develop a better ear for rhythm and music. You develop a whole new Social Circle. Not only will you meet new people in the class and hence expand your circle in your city of residence, but also be connected to a worldwide network of Salseras and Salseros. Bachata socials around the world are warm and welcoming and you need never feel lonely again in any part of the world. You become a much better communicator, having learned to speak and listen in turns in a partner dance!

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