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Bangalore Yoga Festival Yoga

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Have you been seeing the word yoga float around like dust, but nothing seems to interest you enough to get you out of bed? Well, that's going to change right about now! Let's celebrate yoga the right way. The best way. 

What's Happening?

Get on the ride of celebrating the biggest yoga festival happening in Bangalore. And take home a gorgeous, sustainable, zero plastic yoga mat, ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Live the life of a yogi for a day, and end it the right way, by getting on that mat with a 1000 more people, spread across the city of Bangalore, in 50 different venues, taught by 50 of the best yoga gurus.

But wait, how will you live the life of a yogi? Read on to find out.

About The Creators & Host:

Namaste everyone! I have been practicing yoga for the past 9 years and teaching yoga for the past 9 months. Yoga brought about a magical change to my being and my life, and it’s been an amazing journey learning to share the joy and practice of yoga with others. My yoga session will focus on the foundational poses in yoga, with a strong emphasis on breath and being present with yourself. Breathe and Move with me and enjoy the wonderful gift of yoga!

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