Portugal vs Morocco


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Let’s kick off!

Assemble your dream teams to come together and watch the exhilarating FIFA World Cup like never before, with The Studs Sports Bar & Grill at JP Nagar!

We’ve created a fan arena for all you football fans. Forget about watching the match at home, on a small screen at a bar, bar-ely catching the goal of the night, and get your food and drink on with us. Every seat is the best seat in the house, as we showcase the best matches for you on a Life-Sized screen surrounded by fellow fans at a stadium-like experience!

Sport your team`s jerseys and bring your vuvuzelas to the fan arena for a night of football, fun, food and drink.

About The Creators & Host:

India’s First Homegrown and Globally recognized Concept of Authentic Sports Bars, The Studs Serves a combination of Ultimate Food, Drinks & Sports Entertainment in an Easy to Go Pub Destination. Founded by Miten Shah & Abhilash Menon in Mumbai in 2017, the Studs has a presence of multiple Outlets in India. By 2025, The Studs targets to become the Global Chain of World’s Favourite Sports Bar and a have a presence in all the significant sports capitals of the world.

The Studs hosts numerous events throughout the month including hosting one the finest screening of the entire European Football matches along with the local Cricket and Indian Super league football.

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