Beetein Lamhe


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Intimate Group Jamming Music

Experience Description:

A tribute to the king of romance: KK

Have you shouted, cried or laughed along to KK’s songs? We sure have - and if you haven't, that's exactly what's going to change this Friday! Are we going to make that happen? No!

It's all the power of KK. Just how you didn't have to be in love to feel the pain of a heartbreak when you heard his music play in your ears. And while he is always going to live in our hearts forever, nothing can stop us from gathering under the same roof, to celebrate his music and his joy. 

The stage is ready, the musician is ready, the vibe is ready. Where are you? 

What To Expect:

  • Your local community of KK enthusiasts
  • The perfect environment to reminiscence the golden era of KK
  • Some munchies and a juice to sip on

About The Creators & Host:

Shubham Gautam is a Bangalore based singer songwriter. His interests lie in Bollywood, Sufi and Indie music. One of the most pivotal moments of his journey was opening for Lucky Ali’s act. Throughout his career, he has always aimed at perfecting his craft, and presenting the best music that he can.

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