Bengaluru Plant-based Potluck


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Community Vegan

Experience Description:

Discover a thriving Whole Food Plant Based Community right here in Bengaluru!
The event is FREE. Registration is compulsory.

Meet like-minded people.
Try fantastic new recipes.
Get a chance to share your Plant-based Journey.
Get inspired by others' journeys.
Stay motivated to continue eating healthy!

What To Expect:

  • When you sign up you get an e-book with recipes
  • Your best support system to continue on your health goals
  • Learning session on “plant-based diet”
  • Informal meet and greet and food tasting


About The Creators & Host:

SampoornaAhara is a one-stop-shop for all things healthy, with a wide variety of healthy foods and snacks with several health benefits to you. If you are on a Vegan diet and looking to up your health game, this is for you. If you are looking to start eating healthy everyday, we have meal subscriptions offering a balanced diet. We have food to help you meet your various health goals. Many of our dishes are inspired by traditional foods. We use ingredients and cooking methods to make your favourite dishes healthier.

All our offerings are Whole Food Plant Based. You no longer have to count your grams of fiber, grams of protein, or worry about nutrition. Every single one of our meals and treats can even aid your weight loss goals. Safeguard your future health by eating healthier food today and get additional health benefits with every bite!

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