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What To Expect:

  • Learn a fun Bollywood choreography to the most iconic Bollywood songs
  • Unleash your creativity through movement
  • Dance like no one is watching. These sessions are for all levels of difficulty. We got you step by step.

About The Creators & Host:

‘’Div n Dee Dance Company” is co-founded by the duo sisters – Divya and Deepti Vinod. The sisters have been professional classical Bharatanatyam and Kathak dancers/performers for over 2 decades, dance fitness instructors for over 6 years, and also trained across western, Latin, and contemporary dance forms.
‘Div n Dee’ conduct classes, workshops, and events across Bangalore and across the globe, for all age groups. They also have a popular youtube channel with millions of views and trending. Dance has always been a medium of spreading joy for ‘Div n Dee’ and these semi-classical/Bollywood classes are one as such, designed exclusively for a beautiful space like ‘Lahe Lahe’.

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