Chess Meetup

Lahe Lahe, Indiranagar

Experience Hosted By: Tarun Mittal

3 hours Hosted in English Group of 50
Chess Community Meetup

Are you someone who loves playing chess but doesn't have anyone to play with? Look no further, we at Bangalore Chess Club provide you with that opportunity to connect with a bunch of chess enthusiasts like yourself and put your hobby to practice. Come play OTB chess with a bunch of chess freaks, trash talk, banter, learn, and make friends.

What's included?

    • 3 chess filled hours
    • New friends to play chess with
    • Your place to try out new ideas

How It Works

You can bring along your chess set if you own one, but don’t worry if you don’t.

Once you are there, we will create a casual tournament, and pair you up with opponents.
It’s a very laid-back environment, so feel free to relax, calm down and just enjoy rather than win.

Because, we have prizes, not for the winners, but for randomly drawn names from the pool of all players 🙂

About your creator

Tarun Mittal is a FIDE-rated hobby Chess player and works as a silicon design engineer in Samsung Semiconductors, Bangalore. Hailing from Mumbai, he started chess as a kid and has been playing since then. Tarun currently tries to play tournaments as and when possible, while actively looking to build and grow a chess community.


Event has passed

Sunday 11 Sep 10:00AM

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