Chocolate Making


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Experience Description:

Step into the world of Fine Chocolates. Have you ever wondered what happens inside a chocolatier's workshop?

Immerse yourself in the esoteric art of tempering chocolate, observe inner working at Jus'Trufs, taste your personal masterpiece, and take home some of your hard work. The best part is that you will be guided by our master chocolatiers who will explain each step of the chocolate-making process. This is not only a unique opportunity but also an ideal gift for friends and family members.

What To Expect:

  • Basics of chocolate making
  • Chocolate tasting
  • Take home kit with assortment of chocolates

About The Creators & Host:

Chenddyna Schae has over 40 years of experience in hotel management and food technology and 30+ years of experience in running a specialist chocolate business. She currently runs an iconic, environment-friendly campus in Jakkur that includes a signature shop and a cafe.

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