Coaster Designing Workshop

Art Beat, HSR

Experience Hosted By: ArtBeat

2 Hours Hosted in English Group of 15

Do you want to amp up your home by creating fantastic themed coasters? Choose from 6 different themes based on popular films/series - 1.Stranger Things 2.Spider-Man 3.Money Heist 4. The Office 5.My Little Pony 6. BTS Join us in this workshop to find out more!

What's included?

    – All materials to make your quirky coasters

    – Spectacular coaster set of 4 including a coaster stand that you can add as part of your home decor or gift

    – Instagramable pictures of you in your artistic element.

How It Works

Learn the art of Decoupage.

Techniques to prepare decoupage paper without wrinkles

Unique distressing techniques, waterproofing methods.

Experiment with your coasters, and make fun themed illustrations.

Find your art tribe and have fun conversations.

About your creator

Artbeat is an art school for enthusiasts of any age as well as encouraging and guiding you to bring out your artistic sides.

The Founder, Namratha, believes that art isn’t a luxury, but a way of life. She teaches a number of styles through various mediums and themes to art lovers across the country. Each workshop in this space is taught by an expert artist, with one strong mission – to have fun while doing what you love!


Event has passed

Saturday 10 Sep 2:30PM

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