Coffee 101: Whole Latte Love

Araku Coffee

Experience Hosted By: Sherri Johns

2 hours Hosted in English Group of 10
Coffee Brewing Coffee Lovers Fun for friends groups

Coffee 101: Whole Latte Love is a 3-hour workshop that takes the guesswork out of quality brew, and prepares you to become your own barista.

What's included?

    You graduate with an honorary diploma in Coffee 101: Whole Latte Love, aaand snag ARAKU brewing equipment for 15% off + 250 gms of ARAKU Coffee to take home

How It Works

You’ll learn about

  • What is latte art?
  • Basics of espresso brewing, the mechanics of properly steamed milk, and try your hand at creating artwork good enough to drink
  • Learn the difference between free pour vs sketching
  • Understand which milk works best
  • Neatly positioning your design
  • How to angle your milk pourer and the speed at which to pour
  • Walkthrough of machines: coffee grinder, espresso machine


About your creator

Sherri specializes in Coffee, working seamlessly, bringing creative quality detailed solutions to the table in a variety of cultures, from farm to cup. Working with private industry, government agencies, associations, roasters, retailers and consumers. She began her career as a barista in San Francisco where she was recognized as Barista Champion in the worlds very first barista competition and has since created, collaborated and worked in specialty coffee sharing her expertise and passion, inspiring others while she continues to learn and enjoy every day.


Event has passed

Saturday 23 Apr 4:00PM

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