Dance and Drama Therapy

Lahe Lahe, Indiranagar

Experience Hosted By: Aarya Sufiana

2.5 hours Hosted in English Group of 20

Sounds unique? We invite you to come experience how it’s beyond what you’re even thinking. Including movement and drama, to reach deeper realms of your emotions, and intuitive psychology is something you’ve to experience to know what you’ve been missing. The theme of the workshop? LIBERATION

What's included?

    • 2.5 hours of exciting creative and playful activities
    • Healing exercises
    • Safe and non-judgemental space

    PS: No need for prior dancing experience

How It Works

Liberate yourself from all that doesn’t serve you.


Do you have to be a dancer? No.

Do you have to be an actor? No.

All you need is a loving heart and a yearning to develop more acceptance towards yourself.

The facilitator, Sufiana, will take you through an evolving journey of movement, drama, and opening exercises which will help you shed toxic patterns, heal from rooted traumas, and be more loving in your existence.

Where? In a space with zero judgment, absolute acceptance, and unwavering safety.

All you need to do is show up.

The rest of the work, the universe will take care of.

About your creator

Sufiana is a Spiritual workshop leader trained in India and California. She has led many self-growth/spiritual retreats/workshops in countries like America, China, Spain, and Thailand.

Having studied expressive arts therapy in San Francisco, she now wishes to marry Creative arts with spirituality and psychology in all her workshops.


Event has passed

Saturday 30 Jul 2:00PM

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