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Life imitates art; proving this is DAYVE, a singer songwriter with a lot of original music inspired from Modern as well as new artists. This evening listen as DAYVE performs songs from his brand new album and crowd favorite songs as well. Singing at the age of 6 and songwriting since 14, DAYVE has the catalogue and listens to back his career of being a musician. bringing together all his muses and inspirations to create his music and using songwriting as his mode of catharsis.

What To Expect:

Supporting acts are done by a talented bunch namely Vishal Goswami, Arav Krishnan and Room4’s very own Kaushik Reddy.

About The Creators & Host:

DAYVE is a singer-songwriter based in Bangalore, he has been singing since the age of 6 and songwriting since 14. DAYVE’s music is a direct influence of Modern pop stars and old school rock legends, with his songwriting inspiration from Lana Del Rey. DAYVE has been releasing his original music since 2017, debuting his first album back in 2018.
As of 2022, DAYVE has accumulated over 3.5 Million career streams over his multi-genre discography of 8 albums. DAYVE has by far charted all of his albums in India, even reaching a peak of #1 in India with a House album. He is often regarded as a sultry and melodramatic writer.
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