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Experience Description:

Why take an expensive holiday to scuba dive and experience the magic of being underwater, when you can do so in Bangalore, with India's most experienced diving instructors, and pioneers of diving in the Andaman Islands.
Yes, it's in a swimming pool, and there won't be fishes, but being able to breathe underwater for a prolonged period of time whilst you feel weightless is an excruciatingly beautiful experience in itself, one that is the closest to being in space!
To experience scuba diving, you don't necessarily have to know how to swim.

What To Expect:

  • Training and dives that are above and beyond the international standards laid down by scuba training agencies such as SSI and PADI
  • Small group to Instructor ratios (2 students: 1 instructor at a time) to maximize safety, and fun
  • Dive briefing including safety tips and skills to each diver for ~20 mins
  • Dive time of ~30 minutes for each participant

About The Creators & Host:

The instructors of Bangalore Scuba by DIVEIndia are –
Vinnie, who is India’s most experienced diving instructor, has dived the world over since the early 1990s. He is also the founder of India’s leading dive school, DIVEIndia, which is known to pioneer scuba diving in the Andaman islands and put it on the global diving map.
Vidit, who is a homegrown, Bangalore lad, has been teaching scuba diving for 6+ years in the Andamans, Maldives, and Indonesia. He specializes in teaching adaptive techniques to divers who may have special needs.

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