Indie Soul ft. Vandita Narayan


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Experience Description:

Indie Soul is here to bring the best of original independent music to you! Discover artists who are the stars of tomorrow and fall in love with them through their music. Here, you’ll find unreleased music being shared in intimate gatherings, some hidden gems waiting to be found by eager ears and of course, the artist being as true to themselves as they could be. Join your friends in an evening full of music, stories and joy!

What To Expect:

Tickets include entry to the experiential gig.
Does not include food or drinks.

About The Creators & Host:

Vandita Narayan is a 24-year-old, indie-pop singer, from Bengaluru. She draws inspiration from the likes of Lana del Rey, Halsey, and Billie Eilish. She wishes to create a colorful world with soothing and breezy tunes to bring people together. From her debut single “Lonely Blues” to her latest collaboration with The Fortune on “Someone Else Than You,” Vandita has grown and risen as an artist and continues to do so.

Mithun Kiran is a singer-songwriter, producer and doctor based out of Mangalore. His music reflect minute momentary thoughts that traverse his mind. Other times, it revolves around stories that inspired him to write songs. He loves to break the walls of music and make genre bending songs while incorporating new age elements of sound in his art.


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