Indie Soul Showcase ft. Badal Kashyap

Lahe Lahe, Indiranagar

Experience Hosted By: Badal Kashyap

2 hours Hosted in English Group of 40
Community Indie Music Poetry

Indie Soul is here to bring the best of independent music to you! Discover artists who are the stars of tomorrow and fall in love with them through their music. Here, you’ll find unreleased music being shared in intimate gatherings, some hidden gems waiting to be found by eager ears and of course, the artist being as true to themselves as they could be. Join your friends in an evening full of music, stories and joy!

What's included?

    Tickets include entry to the experiential gig.
    Does not include food or drinks.

How It Works

Find yourself a cozy spot
Sit back and enjoy!

Poet: Rahel (15 min)
Opening act: Over The Edge (30 min)
Break: 15 min
Main Act: Badal Kashyap ( 60 min)

About your creator

Badal Kashyap
Badal is a singer-songwriter and performer whose music has deep influences from genres like Rock, Soul, Grunge, and Indie Music.
He has been in the performance space for 9 years as part of multiple projects and line ups. A travelling musician who has been through the cultures of Goa, Gokarna, Coorg, Wayanad and Lonavala before finally settling in Bangalore.
A writer and composer since he was 17, his music is heavily drawn from his life and interactions with people. He finds inspiration in tinier moments that most would pass off as mundane.
At Indie Soul, he shares with his people, music that is yet to be released

Over The Edge
A band formed in the midst of youthful angst, the dream of three budding artists
with heartfelt lyrics and ethereal resonance, the embers of post rock are kept alive in
tracks such as “Save me”.The love for new wave in the brand new tracks “Retro heartbreak” and “Sapphire”.A band that is well and truly inspired in all the right ways, with influences from artists like Pink Floyd, Foo Fighters, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Midnight and The 1975.
The current line-up consists of Dhanush, Addy and Hanan. The trio is set to embark on a journey of self discovery through the music that unites them.The sound so to speak is dynamic ranging from ambient to transient rock ballads. With subtle hints of industrial synths, the timber harmonics of the 80s, grungy guitar overtones and washy drums. With aggressive yet soulful vocals. With more releases lined up the band aspires to fulfil the artistic hunger that drives them. This passion culminates in the latest EP “If I stay would you run away”.


Rahel has been writing and performing poetry for 5 years in Bangalore and Chennai. She writes about delicate human feelings, which are unpolished and often too subtle to talk about, finding contradictions and beauty in honesty. They are inspired by the works of poets like Mary Oliver and Jeet Thayil.



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Saturday 13 Aug 8:00PM

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