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What To Expect:

At K-OS Gamebar’s Karaoke Night, expect a vibrant and lively atmosphere with a diverse selection of songs to choose from. Whether you’re a seasoned karaoke pro or a first-timer, KJ Sudeshna and the supportive crowd will make sure you have a blast. Sip on delicious drinks and snack on tasty treats while you belt out your favorite tunes and make unforgettable memories. Get ready to sing your heart out and have an unforgettable night!

About The Creators & Host:

India’s First Darts Bar!

Are you bored to death with the everyday usual?? At K-OS The Game Bar, every day is a different adventure with Drinks, Darts and Drama! Try out our sensational new games on the dart board. Discover if you are a team player, or a win at all costs, take no prisoners kind of person. Sip on a beautiful, energizing cocktail for that special buzz or chug down beer pitchers the traditional Bangalorean way. Enjoy lip smacking dishes, all on shared plates, especially designed for a day out with friends. Practice hard and make new friends in our weekly comps to win swag!

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