Katsu! The Zen Experience


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Experience Description:

29th December, 2022 – 1st January 2023

New year’s come and go, but nothing really changes. Resolutions are broken, the excitement fades away, and soon enough the drudgery and disturbance return. It doesn't have to be that way. This time, you can choose newness. Make that choice.

Experience deep inner stillness & silence through "Katsu! The Zen Experience" a three-day Meditation Retreat amidst nature that can help liberate one from the cycles of bondage, isolation & suffering. Explore the profound philosophy and practice of Zen that can give you transformational insights. Uncover who you really are by freeing yourself from false knowledge, inner conflicts, resistance, and limitations. Access joy & contentment in all aspects of living.

What To Expect:

Connection: Reconnect with a natural and effortless way of life in the midst of lush greenery

Nourishment: Nutritious wholesome locally sourced food for optimum vitality

Discipline: Minimal, distraction-free accommodation to re-create the monastic lifestyle

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