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Experience Description:

The experience includes wine tasting, a guided tour of the vineyard and winery, a gourmet lunch and grape stomping. We have designed the experience in such a fashion so that it is fun-filled yet enriching regarding the winemaking process and is enjoyable in the beautiful surroundings of the vineyard. During the tour, visitors can learn about the history of the vineyard, the different varieties of grapes grown, and the winemaking process. The guide would show visitors around the vineyard and explain how the grapes are grown, harvested and processed to make wine.

After the tour, visitors can sample a variety of wines produced by the vineyard. This will be followed by a gourmet lunch paired with wines produced by the vineyard. The lunch will be designed to complement the wines, showcasing the flavours and aromas of the wines.

Finally, visitors can participate in a grape stomping session. It is a fun and interactive way to experience the traditional method of making wine. Visitors can stomp grapes with their feet and experience the process of crushing grapes.


What To Expect:

It’s all 3-4 hours tour, activities Include:
Wine tasting (5-6 types)
Winery visit
Grape stomping
Welcome drink
Indoor games (group circle games)
Lunch Menu
Veg and non-veg Starters
Chicken Biryani Chicken Curry
Veg Biryani
Rice & Dal
Egg curry
Veg curry (2 types)
Sweet and Ice cream

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