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Experience Description:

To start the year with some fun, hope and purpose. As we share, we will discover what makes days count for us and help us turn off the auto-pilot. Let's make sure to start the year right by talking it through! Meet people similar to you and find your tribe!



What To Expect:

● Fun Ice breakers

● Discover 5 personal themes that resonate with you.

● Making your resolutions effective through mindfulness

About The Creators & Host:

iDare is your one-stop platform for safety and well-being. It is India’s first tech-based platform based in Bangalore that has a 360 degree approach to working on abuse and mental well-being.

iDare aims to develop an ecosystem that tears down the culture of silence around Abuse and Mental Health by equipping each other with intersectional, affordable, and accessible information, support, and resources

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