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Experience Description:

Rustle up coastal delicacies & more in 15 mins!
Join us for a scrumptious tasting session at The Licious Store, Koramangala on 23rd December.

Learn to Cook and Taste:

  • Classic Butter Garlic Prawns
  • Charred Alaskan Salmon with Lemon Butter Caper Sauce
  • Chunky Butter Garlic Prawn Spread Sandwich
  • Vanjaram Meen Varuval

What To Expect:

  • Learn how to cook 4 recipes from Licious’ professional chef
  • Sampling and tasting of the food you cook
  • Food and merchandise equivalent to the entry fee

About The Creators & Host:

Licious believes that every meal should be a celebration of all the ingredients, and our goal is to bring out the best in every one. We’re dedicated to ensuring that every bite is delicious and nutritious, and we’re always striving to innovate our way into new territory.

We’re meat lovers at heart—that’s why we created Licious. We know how important it is for families to have access to high-quality meat, so we built our brand on the same principles that make us great cooks: passion for food, dedication to quality, and scientific rigor.

Our commitment to you is rooted in one belief: We deserve better meat than what’s available today. Our meat passes 150+ quality checks before it reaches your plate. It’s cut, cleaned, and vacuum-packed so that your hands are the only ones touching it.

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