Life Is Sweet (Aromatic Yoga Session)


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Experience Description:

Utilizing essential oils in your yoga practice calms and clears your mind and helps you focus on your breath and movement so that you can have a deeper connection to your own true nature.  Like yoga, essential oils and plant extracts have been utilized for thousands of years for the purpose of healing, cleansing, and balancing the body, mind, and emotions. By combining the use of essential oils with your yoga practice, you may find yourself more physically, mentally, and emotionally available for your practice, both on and off the mat.


What To Expect:

  • Intro to Aromatherapy
  • How Aromatherapy Enhances Yoga Practice
  • Why Essential Oils?
  • Methods of Practicing Aromatherapy
  • Overview of Four Essential Oils & Blends
  •  Asana & Pranayama Practice Infused with Aromatherapy
  • Aromatic Extended Relaxation
  • Invitation to 1:1 Aromatherapy Wellness Consults

About The Creators & Host:

At AthaYog, we are devoted to preserving the long-standing legacy of Yog and propagating the true purpose, philosophies and practices associated with this age-old wisdom. Our immense tree of knowledge is deep-rooted into ancient scriptures like the Vedas, Sankhya Philosophy, Bhagwat Geeta, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Hatha Yoga Pradipika and the teachings of all our gurus and their institutions.

Various events like kids yoga camp in Association with Office of Tejasvi Surya MP South Bangalore, International Day of Yoga celebration with 1000 + Participants have been conducted.

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