Paint and Reset 101


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Experience Description:

Unwind this weekend with a little bit of cafe reset, you, great company, and a whole lot of art. Learn simple painting techniques, have fun arting, and break all rules! Join us at Paint and Reset 101.

What To Expect:

You’re going to learn painting techniques, simple and easy to do anywhere.

About The Creators & Host:

Having been creative individuals as children, and having seen a general lack of accessibility towards art, we sought out to make art as accessible and affordable for all. Additionally, we believe that artistic expression can be extremely powerful in terms of social change, and we believe in doing what little we can to make that happen.

Hosted art events in 10+ locations in and around Bangalore including live music, and a cafe launch. Have also taken steps to tie up with NGOs and schools and work artistically with children.
Began a mental health awareness campaign in light of Suicide Prevention Week.
Have taken up several tutoring and workshop initiatives for children. Have Curated art curriculums to involve and include individuals from all walks of life – be it cultural, pertaining to neurodivergence, or gender.

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