Painting Workshop for Kids


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Experience Description:

Paint on Canvas for kids only.

What To Expect:

We will be conducting live art together under our guidelines where young talents will get to paint on one canvas together so that they get to express themselves.

All materials will be provided by us.

About The Creators & Host:

Lahe-Lahe – An Assamese phrase, meaning slowly slowly, is the inspiration behind this unique concept.

Lahe Lahe is a not-for-profit community platform that brings together personal expression and audiences in a live, interactive setting, creating an inclusive social space that enriches both the individual and the society. Our vision is to bring art into the everyday lives of everyday people (including and beyond artists). We nurture all art forms including visual arts, pottery, poetry, dance, music, theatre, storytelling, improv and comedy.

Nothing is impossible. It’s, Lahe-Lahe.

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