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Experience Description:

Even before books arrived, how did people share information and experiences? Through stories. During those times, people used to read people. Stories make people happy, people feel good while sharing their stories. Genuinely connecting with each other is human nature.

Ever been curious about people's stories? Ever thought that sharing personal yet inspiring stories can be the best way to meet someone new?

Read Beyond Books is our humble effort to bring real-life stories in front of all of us. Share your stories, and hear others. Make new friends and spend some quality time in the company of human books.

Gather for a perfect Saturday evening where you will spend time with other human books, and a mini human library if you prefer. Let’s create some Hygge magic with the help of stories.


What To Expect:

  • Open up to a stranger
  • New friendships
  • A safe space to unleash your creativity

About The Creators & Host:

Keep It Hygge is a platform to have conversations around happiness and wellbeing. Our curated events are perfect to meet new, interesting, happy people! We curate products, tools, plans, initiatives, and programs for corporates and start-ups for happiness at work. We also have a collaborative artist platform where budding artists showcase their beautiful creations.

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