Empowered Woman Rising


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Experience Description:

Integrating BODY - HEART - SOUL of a woman to claim her TRUTH, HER VOICE, HER POWER

We will learn how sensuality is one of our primary languages. Even though people equate it with sex, it is often the path of awakening through our senses.

It is your sacred homecoming to your own wild Feminine body, it is your meditation and your truth too, it is your self-esteem and your radical self-awareness too, and it is your right to be seen, felt, and celebrated in your deepest soul essence.

In this workshop, you will dive into your sensual bodies through sacred movement, awaken your inner Aphrodite, and come home to your center, in your bodies, become the INFINITE through the FINITE. Awaken to the power of your body.

About The Creators & Host:

Sufiana is a Spiritual workshop leader trained in India and California. She has led many self-growth/spiritual retreats/workshops in countries like America, China, Spain, and Thailand.

Having studied expressive arts therapy in San Francisco, she now wishes to marry Creative arts with spirituality and psychology in all her workshops.

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