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Experience Description:

Weekends are all about partying and de-stressing. Sure. But what about the dialogues lost in translation, in the noise of jam-packed pubs coupled with the exaggerated loudness of the DJ mixes? Dialogues bring to you an opportunity like never before, an interactive and fluid concept, and the perfect recipe for a mid-week de-stress!
This time, outsource your mid-week stress to us, no questions asked! Help us help you. After all, there's nothing a good laugh can't quite fix!!

What To Expect:

We’ve all been to stand-up comedy shows, but trust us when we tell you, this isn’t just any other comedy show. From the template stand-up to improv to in-conversations to Q/As with the audience to roast battles, this is going to be about it all. The complete package, delivered to you in 90 minutes. What’s even better is that you, the audience, will be as integral a part of the show as the comics.

About The Creators & Host:

Dialogues is a vibrant social space tucked away within the lush greenery of JP Nagar, Bangalore. Our space is built on the ‘time model’ concept – pay for your time here and food & drinks are on the house.
We host a wide range of events – from birthday parties to open mics and art workshops.
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