Something Sufi

Lahe Lahe, Indiranagar

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3 hours Hosted in English Group of 40
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‘Something Sufi’ is a three-hour workshop inspired by the poems and revelations of the Sufi mystic Mevlânâ Rumi. In a world that seems to be ever more chaotic, Rumi's art has the power to bring about clarity and tranquility. This is a participative exploration of his teachings through active work on thought, movement and awareness. The pathway to self-exploration through Sufi practices has always been synonymous to bliss. It is the path of deep healing, inner peace and ecstatic awakening. Let’s put it this way. It is an enchanting inner journey of the heart space as we celebrate the profound magic, that is Rumi. Consider this an invitation to experience life as the magical romance it was meant to be.

What's included?

    Tickets include access to this enchanting experience!

How It Works

The workshop progresses through the themes of love, freedom and light to finally arrive at silence which truly is the divine language. When the being whirls in awareness, connecting the earth and sky, one starts to witness the miraculous in everything that seemed ordinary.

About your creator

For almost a decade, Shaurya Singh has been impacting people’s lives through his innovative and immersive work. A meditator since the age of seven, he has extensively studied philosophy, psychology, religion and mysticism.

He founded Unalome Project in 2017 to make world philosophy, ancient wisdom and mystical traditions accessible to people like us today. After having written and directed various plays, he wishes to enable self discovery and healing in all our lives and relationships.


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Saturday 13 Aug 6:00PM

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