Sound Healing

WeWork Salarpuria Symbiosis

Experience Hosted By: Anjali Hiregange

30 mins Hosted in English Group of 10
Sound Healing

Sound therapy is a holistic approach to healing that uses sound vibrations to bring balance and calmness to the mind and body. This therapy helps to relax and rejuvenate, as well as open the mind up to new possibilities. It is suitable to reduce anxiety and stress and encourages good sleep.

What's included?

    • Guided meditation for full-body relaxation
    • Immersing in soothing, nature-oriented sounds
    • Invite inner exploration and a sense of restfulness through chakra singing bowls, Koshi chimes, angel chimes, rattles, rain sticks and shaman drum
    • Connect with yourself on a deeper level.

How It Works

Sound therapy is based on the principle of entrainment. Our brain waves normally function at the beta state in order to multi-task and stay afloat in a fast-paced world. The rhythmic and highly resonant sounds of this therapy entrain our brains to shift into slower brain waves, that is the theta and delta states. In this theta state, the brain is in a state of surrender and receptivity wherein healing and meditativeness occur. Sound therapy can also induce a delta state wherein deep, subconscious healing can occur.

About your creator

Anjali is a sound healer, freelance artist and writer who loves cats, travel and nature. She offers cosy, intensive individual and couple sessions at her home studio, Waves Sound Healing, based in J P Nagar. She is passionate about spiritual development, altered states of consciousness, and exploring new cultures and ways of living.


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Thursday 07 Jul 12:00PM

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