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Experience Description:

Imagine a group of 30 exciting, adventurous, and fun people handpicked who will meet on a street full of happenings and they will walk together in pairs

And after every 5 minutes, the partners in pairs will switch and all 30 people will get to talk and walk with new people and experience street life together and at the end, the entire group will collectively decide where to sit and then do fun things while knowing each other.

This is a Street Meetup, a creation of Kickazz (our insanely fun community) which destroys the basic idea of meetup in a closed space where you can have 1-on-1 conversation with very few people and talk the same basic stuff over & over again.

As you register for the event, the exact location will be shared by the host :)

About The Creators & Host:

KickAzz is a community of young freaks in Bengaluru who are crazy about only 1 thing and that is having fun by doing creatively insane things. The vibe is about handpicking people who are committed to being crazy about having fun and not bowing down to social standards, so if you are an open-minded fun-junkie who knows when to be anti-social, we are going to be best friends.  Here at KickAzz the goal is to not sell some lame course or workshop at the end of it but to find shared surreal experiences that can radically change who we are. 

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