Texture Painting on Canvas


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Experience Description:

Learn how to paint on canvas. Learn how to create beautiful texture painting. Mix different mediums and create depth in your painting.
Use colors such as gold to create contrast in the texture painting. Create beautiful artwork on a large canvas.

What To Expect:

A beautiful artwork on canvas
Loads of memories
Learn a new art form
Loads of pictures

Note: All materials will be provided by Art Beat.

About The Creators & Host:

Namratha G N

An art lover at heart, she started working on her first ever piece of hand made art a few years ago, right then she realized her passion for art, and that she wanted to pursue this in a big way. She took the leap and quit her cushy job to learn different forms of art.
Now she runs an Art School with 2 centres in Bangalore and 300+ active students across Bangalore.

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