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Experience Description:

Trying to relax from a busy work life and meetings on a weekday? Then look no further.

Join us every Tuesday to explore and enjoy modern board games like never before. You can join either solo or with your group of friends. We have got you covered, we'll help you to select the right game for your requirements and explain how to play these games.

What To Expect:

The event starts from 6pm to 10:30pm. Anyone can join in at any time during the entire meetup timings. You can play any number of games during the entire meetup timings. No prior knowledge required about board games. It’s both a newbie and regular gamers friendly meetup.


About The Creators & Host:

Just a bunch of tech guys passionate about spreading the love for board games as a hobby to everyone. Victory Point Board Games has been hosting board game meetups across the city since 2017. Meetups every Tuesday and Saturday. To build a community that indulges in modern board games.

Social media handles:

IG- @vipo_boardgames

FB- @vipoboardgames

Twitter- @vipo_boardgames

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