Weekend Breakfast Celebration


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What To Expect:

  • Have a delicious English breakfast platter
  • Customise your platter according to your taste
  • Enjoy the “ALL-DAY” breakfast experience

About The Creators & Host:

Urban Solace is Bangalore’s first Cultural Cafe in the city. We became the first cafe in Bangalore to introduce a Breakfast Platter as well as offer it as an “All Day Breakfast”. You can choose our now legendary “English Breakfast Platter” or “Special Breakfast Platter” or just mix up your breakfast experience with eggs, or waffles or pancakes or just baked beans on toast. And what’s more our Breakfast menu is available “All Day” giving you the added pleasure of indulging yourself on breakfast favorites’ any time you wake up on the weekend. For the BEST Breakfast in Bangalore at the FIRST Cafe to introduce the concept of “All Day Breakfast” in the City book your experience now and call it a Celebration of Life!

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