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Creative Flow Fluid Art

Experience Description:

Ever wondered how people on the gram make serene evening scenes with absolute ease? Well luckily, that could be you too when you sign up for the ZEN painting workshop today!

Not only is blending paints fun, but it's also ethereally calming to watch two colors merge to give rise to a completely new one! Every stroke of your brush on the canvas as you create something out of just a blank space will leave you feeling 10 times calmer than when you began.

With absolutely no skill or experience required, silhouette painting techniques which will give you a headstart into creating paintings that will leave everyone in awe!

What To Expect:

  • paints
  • canvas board and easel
  • brushes
  • palette
  • plastic tarp
  • drying station

We’ll be using acrylic paints which will be super easy to clean off from your hands (make sure you don’t spill it on your clothes though!) It also dries up very quickly so you don’t need to worry about waiting!

About The Creators & Host:

Bhoomika is a body artist who’s been painting for the last 8 years! She’s exhibited in CKP as well as Venkatappa Art Gallery and has won more than 75 trophies to her name. You can check her out on @creatibeeti

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